Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the race to new york

So, in a little less than 2 weeks, I'll be headed to New York to work a booth at the New York Gift Show for my day-job employer, Blue Barnhouse. I've done this once before, (you can actually read about this trip in a guest blog on Blogdammit! the Blue Barnhouse blog). The last trip was fun, as New York is a fantastic place to visit. I feel all lit up with big city energy when I'm there and can't really get enough of hearing different languages on the sidewalks and being able to eat and drink at anytime of the night or day. I live someplace "peaceful" now, which I guess suits some folks. Chicago kinda wrecked me for appreciation of the quiet little places.

Anyway, I know the show itself will once again overflow with the tacky and I do hope to find something new in the neon stream of awful, but our booth will be a safe haven and this time round, it seems I'll be trying to hawk some of my own wares! Together with my good friend Ben McLeod, card ideas have been flowing mightily, but only time will tell, (time and aderol consumption) if I get everything done in time. Join me in this amazing race to the New York Gift Show! Actually, I guess you can't join me unless you want to come to Asheville, North Carolina and help me print late into the night, so join me in spirit.

I will be featuring some of the results of this endeavor over the next couple of weeks, some printed with handset type in my basement, others with the aid of this 21st-century letterpress, the computer. Today, take a gander at a party invitation that started as just playing with some funky borders in my basement. The colors on the actual invite look a whole lot brighter, but I'm still learning how to scan and move images around to make them look good online. Feel free to give me some pointers if you know any!

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  1. I am certain that we need some of these for our parties!