Friday, July 10, 2009

why my blog is super easy to follow

So, I'm a procrastinator of the first order. I've got an advanced degree in putting things off. If you wanna call a professional, my number should be the one you dial. I'm world-class, first-rate, A-number-one, top of my game, a serious contender in the world of "I'll totally do that tomorrow." And this is why my blog is so easy to follow. It's not like I require a lot of your time, I mean, if you're looking for constant updates, check out twitter or CNN. I've moved to the South, which only means I'm gonna get slower. (And I'm also pretty good at long-winded explanations of why I just haven't written anything here for a while.)

And now we come to today's blog question... What is the best thing you can print to break in a new press? I've been stumped for a few days now. There are many things, when you get a press, that you need to check on, parts to get, lighting to afix to dark basement ceilings, spiderwebs to clear from printing areas, but once all this is done, it's time to get printing. I've thought of a bunch of things I could print, but none of them seems gripping enough. So, I'm turning to you, invisible audience, for some advice...if you could have something printed on a beautiful turn-of-the-century press, what would it be? And no Gutenberg Bibles please, let's keep it simple. I look forward to the brilliant ideas I'm sure will begin pouring in, as soon as I hit the post button...