Monday, January 11, 2010

Lady Pilot is scrappy as hell.

Yesterday, I said that "tomorrow" I'd post some pictures. and here I'm about to do it, by golly. Quite proud that I'm following that resolution, at least twice. Since July, I've printed many things, even a job for a client I didn't know socially, which was exciting. I've even managed to get some of what I've printed into a book on letterpress that will be published by Mark Batty sometime this spring.

While some of my printing has involved planning, measuring margins, choosing type and paper carefully, most of what I've printed has been done on scrap, often in the middle of the night or after hours of staring at my basement printshop til some idea demanded or at least quietly requested my attention. Don't ask me what the creative process is, I'm still definitely figuring it out and much of my basement time is spent trying to understand just what my aesthetic is, or wants to be. I see so many printed things that inspire me but feel like what I want things to look like is still mysterious, something of an adventure as I watch things come together. It's like I'm giving myself a class in letterpress where sometimes I'm the teacher and other times I'm the student. Well, most of the time I'm a student, with many teachers - books of old posters and websites by great printers, folks I work with and artists I admire. When you're playing with type that's decades old at the youngest and a press made nearly a century ago, everything you make feels steeped in history and the actions of others.

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