Sunday, January 10, 2010

back at it. i swear.

This is the first year, in the 37 I've spent on the planet, that I actually wrote down New Years' resolutions. Not that I'll follow them, but I wrote them down.

To put this in perspective, I write things down constantly. I'm an obsessive list-maker - books I wanna read, movies I wanna see, daily to-do lists that include things like "take a shower" so I can cross something off at the end of the day. So, in reality, writing resolutions is not such a big thing. Just another list.

I wrote resolutions because, to put it mildly, 2009 sucked. Big time. Without going through and major-world tragedies like hurricanes, or civil wars, or generational urban poverty, (all of which make my problems seem utterly banal and comparatively miniscule), 2009 was the worst year I've ever had. There were of course brighter glimmers, moments and people shining like disco-ball facets in a dark ballroom, but overall, I will shed no tears for the passing of 2009.

And now that you've heard the rather lengthy, meandering explanation - one of my resolutions was to write on this blog more often, or at least more than 5 times a year, my approximate 2009 rate. I find this no easy task, still feeling like a blog is so much shouting into space, or more jadedly, a narcistic exercise, like a 4-year-old barking, "look at me! look at me!" when what they've done is poop on a rock (see Paul Auster's stories of fatherhood), or stuck a piece of wood up their nose, (no offense to the astute 4-year-olds out there). But hell, it's a resolution.

I may say nothing of import in 2010, but by god, I'm gonna say it. If you choose to read after today, be forewarned...this blog will not make you rich, famous, or more attractive. It will not cure boils, bad breath, or baldness. It will not help you to "come to terms" with anything. However, this blog may be a tour-de-force, a good-natured romp, or a charming coming of age tale. It may become the tractor pull of blogs, spraying you with mud and grease as you grip the edge of your chair in suspense. So, fasten your seat belts folks, as I blog like never before. And happy new year, here's hoping 2010 banishes any bad taste left in your mouth by 2009 and builds on every bright moment of the past year.

Tomorrow: See some pictures of stuff I've actually printed since July!


  1. Sorry to hear that 2009 was such a bad year. I'll drink a toast that 2010 will be a good one.

  2. aw, thanks lady. this year looks to be better. i'll drink a toast to it too.