Friday, January 22, 2010

a preview...

Trying tonight to leave this print shop after about 10 hours. Will most likely go have a couple glasses of wine and retire to my home-based print shop. Who knows how to party? This girl. Not sure yet if I've set myself up for failure, or if this is what is known as being a go-getter, particularly since these two states of being are so closely intertwined. Luckily, I kinda get off on the rush of pressure that cramming too much work into too little time inspires. When I woke up this morning, I felt like my sleeping mind had been traveling down a long dream runway, and as soon as I was conscious, that plane took off. My brain was full of questions about how to do what I'm doing and even more ideas that I'm going to try like hell to ignore until after this trip. Why do ideas always rush in when they know there's just no room for them in the schedule?

Anyway, I'm still struggling with Illustrator, shoving round pegs into square holes, hitting them with mallets til they fit and the floor is covered with multi-colored splinters. But I thought I'd put one preview up. Perhaps I'm jumping the gun here, but since I may be the only one really looking at the pictures I post, it's not like I'm going to ruin the suspense for myself. (Don't worry Ben, I know you're looking.) The text curve isn't quite right yet, but it'll get there, and isn't the little guy cute? And grumpy? Like my cats after I push them over. But I digress. And need wine. More previews to come, and stories of selling cards to famous and glamorous people in New York.

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