Saturday, June 6, 2009

some more shots of moving day.

Sooner or later, most people learn that to be my friend means to be asked to move heavy shit. Sometimes, I have to make an entirely new group of friends to move letterpress equipment cause the ones I already have know better. Luckily, when moving to a new place, you can take everyone unawares. On this sunny Saturday, my boyfriend, (who should know better, but is in for the ride), and two new friends helped me to move this beautiful Chandler and Price from a garage 15 miles away into my own garage/basement.

Surprisingly, it was all smooth sailing til the end. I apparently had not considered the roughly 6 feet of grass between the tow truck and the concrete floor of my basement, and when the press touched sod, it sank into the ground, ready to spend the rest of its days in my yard. Happily, people in Asheville are a friendly lot, and the tow truck driver proceeded to get a jack from the truck and wedge it and himself under a corner of the press. (This would not be likely in Chicago, where the tow truck driver would probably drive away quickly, laughing.) Together the 4 "strapping" "lads" hauled that curmudgeonly machine into the house, its outdoor life ended, at least for while.

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